ລາຍຊື່ນັກສຶກສາສັບຊ້ອນເພີ້ມເຕີມ ປະຈຳສົກຮຽນ 2017-18


The University of Tokyo's new English-language International Master's/Doctoral Degree Program in Information, Technology and Society in Asia ( ITASIA) at the Graduate school of Interdisciplinary Information Studies (GS II ) will be graduating its third students in September, and we already produced a Ph.D holder from this program. This program offers a unique opportunity for graduate students to study Asian society, history, international relations, media and cultural studies in Japan with instruction entirely in English.

The application deadline is 22 February 2013, but those wishing to be considered for a meritbased scholarship must apply by 7 January 2013.


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