ລາຍຊື່ນັກສຶກສາສັບຊ້ອນເພີ້ມເຕີມ ປະຈຳສົກຮຽນ 2017-18


To whom it may concern,

The University of Tsukuba was established in 1973 and its antecedent was the Tokyo University of Education originally founded in 1872 as one of the oldest universities in Japan, Tokyo Higher Normal School.

The University aspires to be an open university and is actively involved in international exchange. It boasts of having one of the highest numbers of international students out of all the universities in Japan and has established various degree programs that offer all courses in English thereby making it easier for international students to enroll into the university. This guidebook will includes comprehensive information for international students who wish to study in the University of Tsukuba.

For further information about enrolling into the University od Tsukuba, please have a look at the International Students Center website or contact us at the address given below.


Head of the division of International Students

Department of Global Activities, University of Tsukuba

Contact Information

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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